Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Natural, totally safe flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats

I have been dealing with a sick cat lately.  She had to be on antibiotics for over 2 months and I did not want to put the flea and tick treatment on her while she was sick because it always makes her feel bad and not want to eat for 2 or 3 days.  A friend of mine recommended using lavender essential oil.
You simply put a drop on it on the back of the cats neck just like the other oil based flea and tick treatments.
  I can't use lavender.  My step daughter is allergic to it.  It causes her to break out in hives so I went on a search for an alternative.  The first one I found was Eucalyptus oil.  I bought a bottle at a health food store for a cheap 6 bucks.  My friend says she uses a drop of oil every two weeks, but she also lives in a subdivision in the North.  I live deep in the country surrounded by forests and mountains in the South where mosquitoes get large enough to carry off small children.  I decided to apply it every other day.
  It worked, and very well.  So well that I also
use it on my 150 pound English Mastiff.  I put a line of it down his spine instead of a drop between his shoulder blades.  He doesn't seem to mind it too bad.
  I soon learned that Eucalyptus irritates a cats skin.  It seemed tolerable.  They would scratch at the spot for a few minutes after application and then go on as if nothing had happened.  I recently picked up a bottle of Balsam Fir oil.  It cost me 9 dollars for a small bottle so I'n using it strictly on the cats.  A single drop on the neck of three cats every few days is a very small amount and the single bottle will probably last me a year (making it a lot cheaper than anything else I've used).  I continue to use the Eucalyptus oil on my Mastiff with great success as well.  I haven't seen a flea or a tick one on any of my animals and unlike previous years its not costing me a small fortune.
  It also makes them smell nice.

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