Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Here we go!!!!! Wish me luck.

Butterflake Herb Bread Loaf
I'm kind of a homemade bread fanatic.  I love the make it, smell it, eat it, exc.  I found this bread recipe on a website and I'm going to try and make it for dinner tonight.  Wish me luck,.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Review of the Movie Oblivion

I didn't like it.  It started out great and had lots of promise but then it skidded into "I've read or seen this story line before and it was done much better".  Having an all star cast does not make a story that's been told before and better into a better movie.  I'm sure they guaranteed themselves a profit having Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman in it but it doesn't make it any better and I'm glad I watched it for free on SolarMovie.is.  IF you have nothing else to watch or haven't watched or read many scifi stories then by all means watch it, you may not be familiar with this plot, but I have.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Its time to plant seeds.

I woke up to a gorgeous spring day but so did everyone else.  I walked down to the greenhouse and pulled out some seed trays and brought them up to the house.  I planted some Red Tiger Artisan tomatoes I bought last year an forgot to plant, some Genovese basil (its really the best kind), some Yellow Pear tomatoes (sweet, heat tolerant, and produce in abundance), and 18 of my favorite cucumbers Marketmoore 76 (heat tolerant, high production, and makes big 8 inch long slicing cucumbers.

  I planted 10 Marketmoore 76 Cucumbers one year and had so many cucumbers they were going bad before I could eat them all. I had so many i ran out of room in the fridge and had them piled up on my kitchen counters.  I was dieting and resisting eating them all day like I would have liked to do.  I have since found out that those suckers are only 8 calories each.  I could have eaten 30 of them a day if I wanted too ( and trust me i wanted too).

 I've been craving garden fresh cucumbers like crazy this year though so I planted a bunch of them.  That's probably it for my vegetables.  I might plant some dill, but that's a big might. The only ornamental I planted were some Jerusalem Cherry's which are supposed to grow in the shade.  I planted them for the shade garden.  I might plant some lady's mantel and yellow bleeding hearts for the shade gardens but that's another big if.  Last I enjoyed buying abused plants from the Lowe's sale table more than growing them from seed.

  My husband is working away in the wood shed.  We're going to cover the walls of the guest bathroom with recycled pallet wood.  Were putting different finishes and pains on them and them abusing the beck out of that finish to increase the recycled look.  I also plant to use rusty tin panels on the ceiling . . . Assuming I can find any.

  Since it is a beautiful spring day today's planting spurt will probably be the only chance I have to get outdoors.  I haven't written anything in we;; over a month and it irritates me.  I need the stores to make a living but I would so much rather be writing to make that living.  If my big eBay store was still going I could outsource all of the harder stuff like editing, exc, but its not still going.