Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What a mess

So I'm sitting at my desk checking my Facebook and distractions before I do any actual work and I hear a crash.  My husband has an area behind the house he works at.  Since he bought the 4x4 he's had a need for more space, but not the time to add onto the space with an actual roof and walls so he used some old wood beams and two tarps to "wrap" some space up to play in.  
 Well, 48 hours ago we had an ice storm.  He's out in Seattle on business and didn't know about it.  I didn't even think about how heavy the ice might get.  It’s not like we ever get enough ice or snow to worry about structures collapsing.  This is what I found when I walked outside.  The tarp has holes in several places and is ruined.  Fortunately, extra pieces of woods off the pallets he uses to make furniture with, and a weatherproof flood light were the only things under the tarps.  He also flies in tonight so he can deal with the problem in the morning . . . Just before the next winter storm gets here.
 Stupid groundhog.

Be Careful what you wish for

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