Thursday, February 26, 2015

The movie "Snowpiercer 2013"

I watch movies online for free on  They don't lag, I don't get any viruses from the site and they have a huge variety of old and new movies.  

  I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic and dystopian story lines.  A lot of people are these days.  My stepson tells me it’s something to do with popular video games.  I don't play those games, I don't really care, I just enjoy reading/watching them.  

"Spoiler Alert"  

Tonight I watched Snowpiercer.  It started out with a great post-apocalyptic beginning.  You have oppression, survival, the elite crowd, blah blah blah, lots of great conflict.  In the middle it started getting slow.  There was a portion where the oppressed people were fighting their way through a car of men with axes, swords, and night vision that was very unbelievable.  I just didn't buy it.  There was a school car that walked through that was full of children, a greenhouse car, a fish car that was basically a huge aquarium, a party car full of people celebrating New Year’s Eve, 2 spa cars.  Overall you didn't see a whole lot of people in the elite upper class cars.  Seeing the different cars was very interesting but I would have liked to see more.  This was a long ass train, I know they were there.  The whole engine part was ridiculous.  There's this big noble speech about the balance of things.  Children from the rear of the train are shown working in mechanics of this all powerful engine.  I won't tell you the ending because I don't want to ruin it for you, but it was not a satisfying ending at all.  It really didn't wrap up anything.  Overall I don't see how it made it in the list of top 100 movies of 2013 unless 2013 sucked for movies.  I really didn't pay too much attention to what was produced in 2013 so I don't know what kind of year it was for movies.  

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